10 Ways you can turn your Stress into Success

The Oxford English dictionary defines ‘Stress’ as “A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.” But if you are someone who has to juggle with stress in your daily life, you know by now that the definition doesn’t even begin encompass your feelings. In this modern day and age, there is no one who can claim that he has no stress in his life. However, there are a few people who have learnt to cope up with their stress so that it doesn’t come in the way of living a happy and fulfilling life. You can be one of those people too if you just take all your problems in your stride and convert all your stress into success!

Stay hooked as we are going to help you achieve all your dreams and ambitions by kicking those anxiety attacks to the curb!

Spend time with your Pet

All of us grew up learning that the unconditional love of our pets can make us forget all our worries and bring a smile to our face. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cat, a dog, a bird or even a turtle as a pet. Just the thought that someone would be eagerly awaiting your return from your stressful job is sure to bring a smile to your face. Scientifically speaking, the studies, which were conducted to record, the effect of pets on their owners found out that the way the creatures shower their attention on us without asking any questions stimulates the reduction of cortisol, the stress hormone and replaces it with the stress buster hormone oxytocin. It has also been proven that the pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure levels than the people who don’t have any pets.

Take a Break from Technology

We are connected to all that is happening around us thanks to the apps, which are crowding our cell phones. But we don’t realise that it is technology, which has pushed into a space where we are bombarded with diverse things without giving us some of the treasured moments of silence and quiet to retrospect on our actions. Promise yourself that you won’t let the world outside encroach on your personal space and time by switching off your mobile on the weekend. Don’t watch hours in front of the laptop watching movies. Read a book instead. If you find it hard to withdraw from technology completely, make it a point not to answer to any texts or emails after 8pm and to devote time to your loved ones.


Get out of your sofa now and we promise that you wouldn’t regret getting that gym membership. If you are feeling stressed or tired rather than eating chocolate ice cream from the tub, explore your neighbourhood by taking a walk. Working out in the gym regularly or joining dancing classes would ensure your confidence increases as you manage to stay in shape. When you move your body, the neurotransmitter endorphin is released which fills you with happiness and excitement while keeping the stress at bay.


Everyone needs eight hours of solid sleep in order to maintain a healthy mind and body, which allows him or her to work productively during the day. You should not compromise on your sleep at any cost. Don’t stay up late trying to finish the unfinished tasks. Instead make a to-do list so that you can accomplish all your goals with the fresh mind the next day.

Talk it out

When you are feeling stressed, it might seem like no one is there to have your back in case you fail in what you are doing in your life right now but that isn’t really the case. We all have support systems of parents, siblings, cousins, partners or friends waiting to encourage us with their kind words and you just have to recognise the people who value you for who you are. Seek out anyone you think can help you out and discuss your problems and anxieties with them over a cup of coffee. When you start putting your feelings into words, you will have a clear perspective of what is troubling you.


You cannot even begin to fathom the therapeutic benefits of cooking unless and until you actually try it out yourself. Cooking takes your mind off all the things that are stressing you out and when you try to experiment with new flavours, the creative juices get flowing as much as they do in painting or writing a poem. You don’t even have to make something elaborate. Just pick a simple recipe and head to your kitchen. When you see the delicious results of what you made from scratch, you will be filled with happiness.

Love your work

Statistics have shown that almost 27% of the total world population hates going to work on Sundays after the relaxing weekend. Don’t be one of those people who go to their job only because they earn big money. Quit while there is still time to make your passion a profession and you will find you are enthusiastic even on the weekday mornings. If you can’t quit, make sure you schedule fun activities to do in the lunch break and harbour friendships with your colleagues.

Deep breathe

Whenever you feel overwhelmed and stressed with anything that is going on in your life, just take a deep breath and count to ten. Breathe in and out for a few minutes more till you feel more secure and grounded.

Pamper yourself

Indulge in binge eating your favourite snacks once in a while. Go to watch the latest romantic comedy with your friends. Travel to a place you have always wanted to visit. Basically cut yourself some slack and come back to life rejuvenated.

Change and avoid situations whenever you can

If you are facing a situation, which is stressing you out, try to find ways in which you can change it for your betterment. In case you can’t handle it in any other way, try avoiding people or situations with whom and where you always have a feeling of dread and tension.

You will discover that turning your stress into success is quite easy if you follow the tips we have listed out here for you. Let us know how it went. We look forward to hearing from you!








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