12 Effective Home Remedies to Help You Quit Smoking

Stress and anxiety are regular in our lives. That is why cigarette smokers find it hard to quit their risky habit. A smoker does know what nicotine does to his health; he combats heavy cravings, decides and tries to give up tobacco. However, in most cases – attempts are not successful. Our team here is headed to present you best home remedies to get nicotine out of your system and decrease your cigarette craving. Scientists have no doubt – nicotine is extremely addictive, reminds them dreadful heroin addiction!

Nicotine causes numerous Cancer forms

Nicotine damages almost every part of your body. We do believe that you are informed that smoking causes cancer, however – did you know how many forms of cancer nicotine triggers? Be ready to be shocked – cigarette smoking may form up more than 15 cancer forms including esophagus, kidney, nose, mouth, throat and stomach cancers.

More disorders caused by Cigarette smoking

Let us continue what nicotine does to your health. It damages blood vessels, causes leukemia, heart cannot function normally, a smoker will constantly experience high blood pressure and numbers of respiratory disorders such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma will get formed, and we can continue our list for hours. We will take a break here, because our content is not created to present you effects of smoking on your health but share simple and effective home remedies to help you quit smoking.


Water – always accessible, costs extremely inexpensive alsoit is your system’s best friend! It cleanses your body and speeds up the process of detoxification where nicotine toxins will be getting flushed out. Have a glass of water 15 minutes prior to your meal consumption and you can even feel how this natural detoxifier recovers your systems.


Honey is another simple but excellent remedy. It is rich in healthy vitamins such as proteins and enzymes, and they magically help you quit your smoking habit. Stick to natural honey. We do not want honey that is flavors added – artificial substance.


Oats are not only tasty, but they do lower your craving to take another cigarette. Greatly helps in withdrawing symptoms. Simple recipe: mix a tablespoon of ground oats with 2 cups of boiled water, leave it overnight and boil your mix next morning for around 10 minutes. Drink it after every meal.


When smokers try to quit their vicious habit, majority of them experience a common symptom – nausea. Do not worry – ginger is there to magically help you! You can have ginger in any form. Take it as a juice, mix it in your tea, have ginger capsules – any form that you like. Just be sure that it goes inside your system because it also helps to withdraw symptoms.

Cayenne Pepper

Drink a glass of water with a few Cayenne Pepper pinches added. It will help your respiratory system become less sensitive to all that forms addiction – including nicotine. It is one of the best remedy you can have at home. Have an immediate relief with Cayenne Pepper and trust in this spice. Because its effects last long!

Grape juice

Now, it is time for sweet and enjoyable remedy! What is our main goal in quitting process is to flush nicotine toxins out of your system. Make a habit of drinking grape juice on daily basis. Like water, it is a natural detoxifier that recovers your system and fights cigarette craving really and really hard.


Morning is a perfect time to add ginseng powder into your cereals, juices, oatmeal or soup. The next beneficial quality of ginseng will leave you positively surprised and happy! It combats your craving all day long! Unbelievable! Do you agree? Let me surprise you more. Ginseng unbelievably helps heavy smokers too. How? Just add more powder of ginseng and it will definitely do a great job to get you out of tobacco smoking.


Next time when you go for shopping to grocery, pick up fresh and natural radishes to make them a companion to fight smoking. Consume it with honey for better results. It affects acidity of your system caused by regular/active smoking. Radish is a highly effective remedy for nicotine addicts.


It is highly multifunctional which means that Lobelia offers lost of benefits to smokers trying to give up their risky habit. When smokers get into nicotine giving up process nearly all of them experience nausea and high level of hunger, feel irritated, have difficulties in concentration. The remedy to solve all above mentioned symptoms is lobelia. Try it for yourself and you will immediately feel how you begin to feel better.

Grape seed extract

It is a natural alkaline. Qualities of a Grape seed extract reminds me radish which I have covered earlier. It does not only lower the acidity of your blood,but serves as a recovering remedy that cures lungs and body damaged by nicotine smoking. Grape seed extract is highly recommended to heavy smokers who have decided to quit smoking and headed to recover their damaged systems.

Licorice (Mulethi)

Chew this stick-like most opted natural remedy whenever your system and brain calls you to take another nicotine dosage. You digestive system benefits a lot from Licorice, because it regulates it. Also, Licorice is a perfect substitute for tobacco. Like other substances, this efficient remedy is extremely accessible and inexpensive.


This plant is known as one of the most effective remedies that greatly lowers withdrawal symptoms. With the use of Valerian, you will sleep better, feel yourself less stressed and successfully cope with anxiety. Include this magic herb into your Stop-Smoking plan and you will see that your choice was a right one!

Tobacco consumption causes Fertility, Menstrual Cycle and Lowered Sperm Level disorders

As you can see, remedies are highly accessible, unbelievably beneficial and effective, also very much inexpensive. Nicotine makes your immune system weak and vulnerable for bacteria, viruses and illnesses. Also, it cigarette smoking has negative influence on fertility. Tobacco causes irregular menstrual cycles in women and lowers sperm amount in men.

Diabetes Type 2 and Eye-Related diseases are formed by Nicotine

Recent studies have found that nicotine consumption is linked to type 2 diabetes. In addition, it is a trigger for weakened and fractured bones. Try to keep a distance from someone who smokes because blood chemistry gets changed when you breathe tobacco. There will be scars forming in your lungs if you smoke. Tobacco consumption causes numerous eye-related risks and severe disorders which includes cataract and even blindness among many more.


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