6 Benefits of Organic Foods

Traditional agribusinesses were more concerned with healthcare than profits. Furthermore, they developed one of the best food production systems that have now been completely forgotten. In earlier times, combining health and good taste together, organic foods were grown, free from pesticides, chemicals and toxic products.

Today, with increasing obesity and health issues, many developed nations are now switching back to a staple diet of organically grown foods. If you’re wondering about how to live healthy and stay healthy in the long run, here are six reasons why you should consider organic foods:

It’s Free from GMO

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are detrimental to human health. The introduction of GMO to foods has received a lot of criticism and has been the subject of heated debates at a global level. The process involves injecting plants and crops with specific animal genes that aid in their growth and survival. Studies have shown that animals fed with GMO foods also develop tumors in the longer run.

It Offers More Nutrition

Most modern-day food items are produced on played-out soil on the pretext that such soil contains all the essential nutrients, enhanced by the use of artificial fertilizers. The truth, however, is far from it. Research has proven that organic food is a lot more nutritious than foods grown with the help of fertilizers and is also better in taste. Here are some other fascinating facts:

  • Organic fruits and vegetables contain 27% more vitamin C, 18% more polyphenols and about 29% more magnesium than other foods
  • Salicylic acid, another skin and health-improving ingredient, is also found in abundance in organic soups and carrots
  • Organic meat is less fatty than the non organic variety
  • Beef that is free from Creutzfeldt-Jakob risk-factors is also organic.

Better Quality

Whenever you see a public awareness message that says meat is bad for your health, it does not take into account organic meat that comes from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Most meat is loaded with a variety of antibiotics and drugs. Furthermore, animals bred on conventional farms are often fed products that contain their own feces.

No Herbicides and Pesticides

Herbicides and pesticides are toxic. As such, crops and animal fodder grown with the help of such compounds are hazardous for human health. No matter how many times you wash your fruits, vegetables and meat, the toxic substances cannot be completely neutralized and removed. As a consequence, you end up damaging your nervous system, due to the high concentration of neurotoxins.

Organic foods offer a healthier and safer alternative with their toxic-free content. This is why switching to organic foods is mentioned at the top in all tips for healthy living that you are likely to come across.

Fewer Chances of Diseases

A lot of widespread food-borne illnesses have developed over time. Most of such illnesses originate from cabbage, spinach and peanut butter but what news channels fail to report is that these food-borne illnesses are a direct result of inorganic and chemical-rich foods. Factory farms contain the highest concentrations of chemicals and irritants. Thus, the best way to improve your health is to avoid processed foods altogether.

Good for Your Conscience

Almost all organic food buyers sleep soundly at night, knowing not only that their health is in safe hands, but also the fact that they played their part in saving the environment. Processed and GMO foods are harmful for health and devastating for the environment. By choosing organic foods, you can prevent one animal and one crop at a time from being exposed to pesticides and chemicals.


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