8 Effective Ways to Quit Junk Food

As explained in some of the leading medical journals, junk food cravings are the most powerful of all physiological reactions.

Fast food outlets and food manufacturers often use this human psyche to their advantage and create compelling ads to attract more customers. After all, who can resist the sight of cheeseburgers!

However, junk food is harmful for human health and there is plenty of medical literature to prove that, but there are very few articles that offer help on how to quit eating junk food and tips on healthy eating. So here’s a look at 8 effective ways to quit junk food consumption and overcome your cravings:

The 5-Ingredient Rule

With several new ingredients being discovered by the minute, it becomes impossible for you to decide as to which ingredient is harmful for your health. As a golden rule, try the five-ingredient technique. According to this rule, if there are more than five ingredients in any food label, do not buy it. This saves you from impulse-driven chocolate, salty snacks and cookie buying decisions.

Go for Three Colors

Modern research indicates that people, in general, prefer three different food items in three different colors on their plates. So instead of relying on single colored candy bars, you can easily opt for fruit slices to create a variety of healthy mixtures on your plate.

Try a New Routine

It takes only a few weeks to develop a habit. The best way to avoid junk foods is to break away from such habits. For example, if you enjoy eating a bag full of tortilla chips at 3pm every evening, then try taking a walk around your block at that time instead. 2-3 weeks of walking instead of eating, finishes your snack craving altogether!

Make Way for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is all about choosing the right type of food, rather than skipping meals altogether. For all lava cake lovers, there is a much healthier and cheaper alternate dessert available: Red Grapes. Simply eat a few grapes every time you crave for something sweet.

Choose the Right Foods

Store all healthy food items on the top counters of your fridge. Keep them at such places where you will not have any trouble finding them. Cut down on your red meat intake and switch to fish instead. Add more vegetables to your diet. Eat boiled eggs instead of omelets. Try fruits for dessert instead of candy or chocolates. Choose the right alternatives for your junk food.

Identify your Triggers

Overcoming junk food addiction is all about finding out what triggers your addiction. It can be a particular food (e.g. a bag of chips), a particular state of emotion (e.g. depression or anxiety) or even an event (such as outing with friends) that can push you into a junk food-eating frenzy. Identifying your triggers is the first step towards battling your food addictions.

Feel Grossed Out!

If you truly want to quit junk food, search up on all the ingredients that make up such foods and where do they come from. For instance, your favorite brand of grilled chicken breasts may be made from vegetable oil. The preservative added in sausages is carcinogenic. Vitamin D3 added to several yoghurt brands comes from sheep grease. Learn more about these ingredients and you’ll wish you never had eaten junk food at all.

Chew More

One of the many reasons why we feel hungry at all time is because we eat more and chew less. Ideally, it should be the opposite. As you chew more, the digestion process speeds up. This reduces your diet and dependence on junk foods.


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